Today, we’re setting up our very own in-house, nano reef aquarium. We found the Fluval SEA Evo 13.5 gallon saltwater kit a year or so ago but today we’re finally setting one up! If you haven’t seen this tank before, you’ve gotta check it out. It comes with almost all of the equipment one might need to get started right away. It is a fully self-contained system which means all of the filtration is compacted into the design of the aquarium. It is designed to be a peninsula style tank, meaning, the filtration is on one of the short sides of the aquarium rather than the back so that the aquarium can be viewed from both of the long sides of the tank plus the short side opposite of the filtration.

Fluval Sea Evo 13.5 reef saltwater tank 12 gallon

Although this is a “13.5 gallon” kit, 1.5 of those gallons are dedicated to the overflow and the filtration in the back of the tank. The kit comes with a beautiful, tight fitting lid which covers both the water column and the filtration side. On top of that (literally), the lid perfectly houses the curved, 14000K LED strip included in the kit. The LED’s of this kit are great but they are not rated for corals in need of strong lighting.

In addition, we will also be installing the protein skimmer and heater that Fluval has designed to fit perfectly into two of the filtration slots in the tank. It’s as we said, completely self-contained.

We’ll be continuing to update as we progress with our nano reef setup, within a day or two we will have the tank up and running and ready for pictures!