who we are

Blue Paradise is not your average aquarium maintenance company. We apply our years of knowledge and experience to partner with and advise our clients in all aspects of aquarium ownership, from the pre-purchase research, the purchase itself, installation and darn near perfect maintenance to create your very own Blue Paradise!

Sure, you could oversimplify our services as “aquarium maintenance”, but really, Blue Paradise was established to serve our clients, exceed expectations and perfect each and every aquarium we service!


why choose blue paradise?

The oceans cover approximately 70 percent of this blue planet we call “earth” but the human population of 7 billion spends the majority of their life on the smaller 30 percent covered by land. So it is our mission, to our clients, to bring this other 70 percent to life with their very own Blue Paradise. This mission is given life with every aquarium that we service, our clients really can tell how much care and effort is put into their aquarium.

Our level of commitment and care are so easily apparent because we present ourselves as more than just “service technicians”, we are your trusted partners in this aquarium ownership venture that so many of us have set out on.

We are also the only aquarium maintenance company in North Texas offering services 7 days a week, with services beginning as early as 6 AM and as late as 9 PM. Aquarium maintenance is the most vital task to the health and longevity of any underwater environment but we understand your schedule is already jam-packed, this is why we offer such extended hours of services which may be considered “abnormal” in our industry.

See our guarantees below:


On Time Service

When we set an appointment, we intend to keep to it by all means necessary. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world we live in and sometimes unexpected delays arise. If we will not be on time to your appointment, we will call you at least 2 hours prior to the set appointment to inform you of the delay. If the delay creates a need to reschedule then we will give you priority scheduling, no extra fees!


After our routine service, if you’re anything less than satisfied let us know and we will correct it immediately! If you catch something after our service professional has already left, no worries, give us a call and we’ll be back just as soon as we can to ensure we are exceeding your expectations everyday! At the end of the day, this is your aquarium, let’s make sure it’s the aquarium of your dreams!


New Livestock

Once you’ve decided on a new addition to your aquarium, it is our duty as the aquarium experts to hand pick a healthy and stable specimen suited for your aquarium environment. If there are any problems with your new tank mate within 72 hours, then the fault lies with us and the problem will be addressed! Note: This guarantee void if any livestock is added from outside sources.



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Plano, TX 75093

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