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In order to provide you with the lowest price possible, Blue Paradise does not resort to pre-established pricing. No two aquariums are the same, why should they be billed the same? Give us a call or send us a message with the details of your aquarium and we will develop a custom maintenance plan to give you the most cost-effective, yet efficient, service routine possible so that you can continue to enjoy your serene underwater environment month after month!

Your aquarium will be assigned to one of our aquarium service professionals so that you see the same face every time your aquarium is serviced! This gives our service professionals the opportunity to truly learn the ins-and-outs of your aquarium over time. Your assigned service professional will meet with you before we submit an estimate to understand your dreams and visions for your aquarium! Would you like a full tank makeover? Completely new livestock? Whatever your goals may be, we will listen and work with you to come up with a plan of action so that your dream aquarium begins to flourish!

From green to CLEAN with one phone call 

Our Pricing

  • Absolutely free, aquarium service estimate & consultation
  • Discounted yearly contract pricing available
  • Maintenance plan tailored for your aquarium’s success
  • Maintenance services offered weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. One-time services are offered as well!
  • Some plans are “fish included”, $25 maximum per fish provided by Blue Paradise

Request for Estimate



3131 Mckinney Ave.

Suite 600

Dallas, Texas 75204

(Sales Office-By appointment only)