So what is it? Is your aquarium a centerpiece or just an afterthought? I believe every aquarium should be treated as the focal point of any room, no matter how large or small the aquarium may be. Due to the glow of the bright aquarium lighting, the blue aura emitting from the water and the swimming colorful fish, your aquarium is bound to catch the attention of any passerby. So make sure your aquarium is at its full potential all year-round!

In addition to aquarium maintenance, progressing the beauty of your tank is a continuous task that every aquarium owner should be excited for! This is part of the fun that comes with the hobby. Even a well-established aquarium that has been up and running for the past ten years can be altered and renewed for improvements.

You Maintain Your Own Aquarium

So let’s say you maintain your own aquarium, are you satisfied with the beauty and health of your aquarium? Since you most likely setup the landscape of your own aquarium then you are probably happy with the appearance. Then the only question that remains is the health of the livestock living there. If you’re constantly seeing blooms of algae spores popping up all over the tank, then you have probably overloaded the filtration system. Due to the excessive bioload strain placed on the system, you are left with three options:

  1. Decrease the Bioload – The term “bioload” refers to the strain placed on the system from waste producing livestock, mainly fish. Your best bet here is to remove some of the fish so that the remaining will thrive.
  2. Increase the filtration – If you would like to house more fish in an aquarium, proper filtration is the fundamental building block for their survival. I would love to review your choices for aquarium filtration here but there are hundreds of variations and components out there. I would recommend writing down what your goals are for your aquarium and build on that, do some research and you can’t go wrong.
  3. Up the Maintenance – Keep in mind, algae comes from an excess amount of nitrate in the system which ultimately begins with the waste produced from the fish. Therefore, getting this waste cleaned up as quickly as possible will result in favorable conditions for your fish and for viewing. Adding a clean-up crew is helpful to a degree, a clean-up crew consists of hermit crabs, snails and shrimp. Increasing the quantity or the quality of the maintenance services will also help to keep the algae spores at bay

You Employ A Team of Professionals

If you’ve recruited a team of aquarium experts to assist in the maintenance of your aquarium, then your only responsibility is to hold them to high standards. You are paying them every month to come out and take care of your own aquarium, don’t let them guilt you into asking more from them. If your service technician visits on Thursday and the tank is dirty by Sunday, then you need to have a conversation with this company ASAP! Don’t let the conversation end until a resolution has been decided and a plan has been put into action. They are the experts that you hired, hold them accountable for a poorly maintained tank and thank them for a job well done.

The aquarium service experts that you work with should constantly suggest new additions and alterations for the aquarium. Not for the purpose of upselling but in order to give you the best looking tank they possibly can. Most of these upgrades should come complimentary from the aquarium maintenance company. It is in their best interest to keep your tank looking as beautiful as ever, simply because their name is attached to your aquarium.


In conclusion, you must decide what kind of reactions you hope to generate with your aquarium. In order to get the “Woah! Check out those fish!” reaction, you’ll need to apply a lot of aquarium knowledge and invest some time in the maintenance. If your aquarium is meant to be the centerpiece, then you must ensure that it is maintained and cared for as such!

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